Our office uses the Carestream CS 8100 3D CBCT (cone beam computerized tomography) unit to allow us to view 3 dimensional (3D images of your tooth and surrounding structures.  This technology allows us to overcome some significant limitations found with 2 dimensional imaging  (traditional dental X-rays) and will help us to clearly see the extent of features of a tooth or dental condition that we could only see occasionally with 2D images.

Only a small group of endodontists utilize CBCT, and selective use of CBCT is fast becoming the standard of care in the specialty.  A CBCT image will often show features such as additional canals, possible root fractures, resorbtion, as well as the full extent of bone loss around a tooth due to endodontic disease.  While traditional dental X-rays will always be used with root canal work, 3D CBCT technology surpasses many of the limitations of 2D images such as superimposition of structures, foreshortening, elongation, etc.

Published research shows that the use of CBCT allows dentists to identify 34% more areas of bone loss due to root canal problems than can be seen with 2D X-rays alone.**

Our machine has the highest resolution (75 microns) and among the lowest radiation dose compared to similar units on the market.  The radiation dose is similar to the amount received by one to two traditional dental X-ray films, or 1-5 days of background radiation depending on the patient and area scanned.   In order to reduce radiation exposure, our unit scans a small field of view (50mmx37mm), and our unit does not require a panorex image prior to acquiring the 3D scan.  Our unit is fully accessible for those in a wheelchair.

Selective use of the Carestream CS 9000 3D will allow us to continue to provide the highest level of care, and will also reduce the number of costly and time consuming exploratory procedures.

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** Low KMT, Dula K, Bürgin W, von Arx T., J Endod 2008;34:557–562


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