Our office employs the most advanced technologies available to ensure your comfort and the best results.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

Our office uses the Carestream CS 8100 3D Cone Beam Scanner to assist us with diagnosis and treatment.  This unit provides among the lowest radiation exposure and highest resolution of similar units on the market today.  A CBCT scan will provide a highly detailed 3-dimensional image of your tooth and surrounding structures, overcoming some of the significant limitations of traditional dental x-rays.  More information on this unit can be found under the “CBCT Imaging” tab on this website.

Digital Radiography : All radiographs in our office are taken with digital sensors using an advanced non-film computerized system. This technology uses a special sensor to reduce x-ray levels by over 80% from film based dental x-ray systems. The image is available for instant viewing on a computer monitor.  Your digital x-rays are then stored in our computer system for easy access and communication with your dentist via printed reports or digital transmission.   Digital radiography significantly reduces radiation levels when compared with film-based dental x-rays.

Microscopes and Imaging: Our office also has special operating microscopes to assist with all stages of your Endodontic treatment. We use magnification and fiberoptic illumination to give you the best treatment possible.  For example, the microscope helps us to see small details inside your tooth.  Another aid is the small camera on the operating microscope that record images of your tooth and also documents our findings.  Many times fractures and accessory canals are seen with the microscope that could have been missed without high magnification.

Ultrasonics: Ultrasonic instruments are used to remove calcified areas in your tooth to allow better access to the canals, and to aid in locating hard to find canals.  The use of ultrasonics helps maintain tooth structure as it is more conservative that the use of a dental handpiece.  Because of the small size of these instruments, the doctor's vision is also increased.

Apex locators: Electronic apex locators are a very accurate means to detemine the length of the root, which facilitates treatment and often reduces the need for measuremant x-rays.

Nickle-titanium instruments: These instruments have significantly changed Endodontics.  They have greater flexibility than traditional stainless steel instruments, and more easily follow the natural curvature of the root.  This results in more efficient removal of diseased nerve tissue and bacteria.  Nickle-titainium instruments are used with quiet electric handpieces that are computerized to control speed and torque.

For your protection, all instruments are heat sterilized or disposed of after use. All treatment rooms are thoroughly disinfected in between patients. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of office cleanliness and sterility.

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