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Thank you for your interest in our office and welcome to this website.  Here you will find links to referral information as well as links to guidelines and position statements regarding root canal treatment and CBCT scanning from The American Association of Endodontists in our Knowlege Base and CBCT Imaging Tabs.  Additionally there are links provided to other websites providing oral healthcare information for professionals.

Referral Procedures

Please feel free to call us to arrange appointments, and provide us with any particular information about your patient.

In order to provide the best possible service for our patients and referring offices, we believe that open communication is very important. When referring a patient to our office, please completely fill out our referral form and mail or fax it to our office, as well as provide a copy to your patient. In filling this referral form out,  please be clear whether the type of service requested from us is for endodontic treatment or for consultation services. Generally we expect you to check one box or the other at the top of the form --  Check either the box for evaluation OR the box for endodontic treatment, and then provide relavent clinical history or thoughts regarding clinical findings, future treament plans, etc. by checking the boxes below as you feel are appropriate.  Please be clear with your front desk as to the type of appointment you want your patient to have with Dr. Smith prior to them calling our office. Please note that we require consultations for certain procedures and conditions such as, retreatment, surgery, possible resorption, etc.   Additionally, providing us information regarding specific restorative plans after our services is helpful and in certain instances a summary of the overall treatment plan is useful.

We advise that patients who require antibiotic prophylaxis for dental procedures premedicate prior to consultation appointments as we usually perform periodontal probing.

We also find that if you provide the patient with specific information regarding the reason for their visit, what to expect at their visit, and the fact that they will need to return to your office for restorative procedures such as a core, crown, or filling, that is very helpful and minimizes misunderstandings.

In addition to our office brochure and referral form, please encourage the patient to visit our website to learn more about our office.

We will be happy to mail to your office our referral materials  and registration forms.

We welcome any radiographic images brought to us directly from the patient, through regular mail, or via e-mail:

Once treatment or consultation has been completed, we will mail you a copy of our treatment report, or a letter summarizing our findings and or recommendations.

We try to appoint emergency patients in a timely fashion, and generally leave time open for such situations in our schedule every day.  There may be times, however, when these appointments fill up, and we will not be able to provide a same-day appointment.   In such cases it may be necessary for you to perform palliative procedures such as  pulpotomy,  or prescribe medications.  Calling our office early in the morning to request an emergency appointment best ensures the chance of getting a same-day visit.

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